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X-Tend Pilates enforces an 18-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your scheduled appointment or class at least 18 hours in advance YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL. For Unlimited Packages a $25 fee will apply. This requirement allows enough time to fill the spot with another client.  Thank you for your courtesy, and for allowing us to serve all our clients! In order to properly cancel a class please Log Into Your MindBody Account (icon in the Menu bar) and cancel your appointment. You will receive a confirmation once your cancellation has been confirmed.

If your semi-private partner cancels late (does not give 18-hours notice of cancellation), your session will become a private at no additional charge. If your partner cancels in a timely manner you have the option of doing a 1/2 hour session. You can also use 2 semi-private sessions to cover the cost of a full 50 minute session.

In order to ensure smooth sailing in the studio, all private and semi-private sessions are 50 minutes in length. Please make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your session.

Please wear comfortable zipper-free athletic clothing. Fitted bottoms are recommended for both men and women, so that we can best help you maintain proper form as you exercise. Well-fitted, clean socks are highly recommended.

All Private Sessions, Semi-Private Sessions and Classes do have an expiration from the date of purchase. Please see the detailed conditions. Sudden illness and injury may allow package validity to be extended on arrangement with X-tend Pilates.

X-tend Pilates accepts cash, credit cards,  or local personal checks for any X-tend Pilates purchase. A $25.00 USD charge is charged for bounced or returned checks. All sales are final.

X-tend Pilates aims to create a focused and inspiring atmosphere. Anyone entering X-tend Pilates is requested to put their cell phone on silent – no vibration or beeping alerts. Please keep perfumes and scents to a minimal so we don’t distract others in the class or session.