“I am so proud of having Mila as my Pilates instructor. She is my celebrity instructor.”
Neda, Customer
“My classes with her are the highlight of my week. I know I am stronger and walk taller.”
Lisa B., Customer
“Taking Pilates with Mila has been a life changing. Mila is fun, energetic and encouraging!”
Tammy J., Customer
“X-tend Pilates is a must in my life.  Mila is a very educated and talented instructor.  I had significant hip surgery almost 5  years ago and Mila has helped me so much in my rehab.  She knows exactly how to modify the exercises to challenge me as well as protect my hip. She is very hands on and makes sure that I always have the correct form.  She is fun, loving, and wants her clients to always leave feeling better than when they came in.  Mila is so passionate about what she does and loves each and every person that walks through her doors.  She attends fitness conferences regularly, and is up to date with all the newest research regarding health and wellness.  I have attended other pilates studios and none of them compare to the personal attention and knowledge Mila provides her clients.  I am such a stronger person physically and mentally because of Mila.  She’s amazing.”
Audra G., Customer
“My wife and I having been doing Pilates for the last 15 years. This is by far is one of the best Pilates studio’s put together with brand new reformers. Most importantly, their staff is experienced and well trained. Mila, the owner and  one of the Pilates instructors, is a proven professional who knows how to strengthen our core and bring back flexibility to our bodies. At 66 years of age, Pilates done the right way, with a professional trainer, is the best form for body strengthening and flexibility. My wife and I do semi-private classes with Mila twice a week. She also has group classes.  If your want the best Pilates experience, this should be your new home. Thanks Mila for bringing a FIVE STAR Pilates Studio to Chatsworth!!!”
Marc B., Customer
“Mila is an excellent Pilates instructor. I’d never taken a class before (my wife is a regular of Mila’s, and has been for years) and I was a little nervous about feeling uncomfortable doing something I’d never done before. Mila was patient, but she also really pushed me…..she made it super challenging, but it was also very fun. I had a great time.”
Brian G., Customer
“I’ve been taking private Pilates sessions here with Jessica for the past several months, since early in my pregnancy (I’m currently 33 weeks).  It has been a great experience. Jessica has helped me to maintain my strength and improve my strength in key areas in preparation for birth. I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with her. She is always on time and brings a positive and welcoming attitude. I’ve trained a couple times with Mila as well and she is great also. I appreciate their flexibility in scheduling and the general atmosphere of the studio. Highly recommend checking it out!!”
Lindsay B., Customer
“I just finished a class  @ X-tend Pilates with one of the new instructors, Tianna, and I am impressed!!  having taken Pilates instruction for almost 20 years I am pretty particular when it comes to training/classes and Tianna is a wonderful addition to X-tend Pilates.  she arrived  prepared & ran her class smoothly with uninterrupted routines while being informative and supportive.  she is knowledgeable & explained each exercise and which area we were targeting.  thank you for the great workout and class!!!”
Michele K., Customer
“Mila is the best. I’ve been working out with her for about three years, first at a different studio, then her home studio, and now her very own studio. I’ve had back issues off and on over the years from biking and bad posture. Since Mila is also a biker she knew what I needed to work on. We focus on core exercises and stretching. It has helped me tremendously! You won’t find a better trainer, she knows her stuff. In three years no two workouts have been the exact same. She varies it up, always! And her prices are great. Check her out.”
Mel C., Customer
“Mila is the best of the best. She is giving me everything I need. She is teaching me for 5 years and I feel strong, toned and happy. She greets me with the smile and always suprise me with the different routine each time. Always looking forward for my privet Pilates with Mila!!!!”
Lana V., Customer
For the last few months, I’ve been taking private Pilates sessions with Mila. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! Adding Pilates to hiking, weight lifting and biking has proven to be the missing link. At 60 years of age, I feel better than ever. Mila has put together an amazing Team. If you’re hesitating to take Pilates or any other exercise program because of the money, I feel it’s wiser to spend your resources on something that will make you feel better (to the core) everyday, rather than spending money on medication and physical therapy later in life. If you are fortunate enough, you’ll meet a Mila or maybe two in your lifetime.  Stop by and meet Mila and the Team, you’ll see what I mean.
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